Why some Arahants can't attain Jhana? (SN12.70)

It appears that some Arahants cant attain Jhana according to Sutta.
If Arahants already eliminated ten fetter and the five hindrances, why can’t they attain Jhana?

Can’t or have no need to? :grinning:

Actually, my understanding is some of them can’t.

Which sutta is this spoken of?

Sorry I can’t provide any Sutta support.

I don’t think right insight and right liberation can eventuate without all other path factors, which include right immersion or stillness of the fourfold absorptions (four jhāna). This is what I understand from suttas like MN117, AN11.2, SN12.26.

I believe the question is whether we have strong textual basis for saying whether EBTs tell us of awakening occuring without the liberating insight of four jhāna.

It seems that across the four Pali Nikayas only Susima Sutta (SN12.70) would support that understand, but even still, it is not as straightforward as one would like it to be - the context of the sutta is not exactly about the four jhanas.

See below an interesting exegesis by Ajahn Brahm of the text:




SN12.70 doesn’t say the arahants don’t have Jhanas, just don’t have psychic powers, power of recollecting past lives, divine eye, formless attainments.

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