Why The Many Buddhas Sūtra of Ghandhara is a Vaipulya Sūtra

I’m slowly reading the book by Richard Solomon. Very recommended. It was cool to read The Many Buddhas Sūtra. Which I didn’t even expect was in the book. So much this Sūtra was promoted as the oldest Buddhist text. Websites getting exited that it talks about many Buddhas. People getting exited but if you read the translation there is the mention that Buddha had 1250 Disciples. Although this was done by Sarvāstivāda in later Hinayana text. We know early the numbers 500 was used. 499 Arahants and Ananda. And the 1250 is counting the disciples of Buddha’s disciples. Although I imagine Buddha to have had more then 1250 itself. But realistically it seems the Leaders of the world religions seems to get more disciples when they pass away. This can be seen in Music Artists also. Or many other professions. I was so I exited that I read the whole introduction to the text which I have to tell you the truth was very informative. Very long. My thoughts is this Sūtra either belonged to the Dharmaguptaka which most of text are currently identified with or it was still a Sūtra the scribe knew from another sect that use the Vaipulya texts. School afflictions is said to be difficult thing.

The numbers of disciples that Buddha have right now. :exploding_head: