Why we read: tell us why you read suttas


I was reading some Hindu texts the other day, it’s interesting to compare these with the suttas.


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I don’t read the suttas very often, but the Buddhist text that is closest to my heart is the Dhammpada (Buddharakkhita translation). It speaks to me because it is somehow poetic, simple and easy to understand.

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Welcome to the forum, @Bundokji. I, too, am very fond of the Dhammapada.


For me its a case of ‘when all else fails, try reading the instructions’.

However, the contributors to this forum have inspired me and given me links to works that help make them more accessible.


As a Pure Land Buddhist, I read the Pure Land sutras as a finger pointing at the moon, rather than ultimate truth itself.

In the Lankavatara Sutra, the historical Buddha likens his teaching to a finger pointing at the moon:

For instance, Mahāmati, when a man with his finger-tip points at something to somebody, the finger-tip may be taken wrongly for the thing pointed at; in like manner, Mahāmati, the people belonging to the class of the ignorant and simple-minded, like those of a childish group, are unable even unto their death to abandon the idea that in the finger-tip of words there is the meaning itself, and will not grasp ultimate reality because of their intent clinging to words which are no more than the finger-tip to them…
As the ignorant grasp the finger-tip and not the moon, so those who cling to the letter, know not my truth.
The Lankavatara Sutra. A Mahayana Text

With the Lankavatara Sutra in mind, we can see Amida as a finger pointing to Dharma-body, the ultimate reality, rather than a literal Buddha from eons before the Big Bang.

Entrusting the Name, Namu-Amida-Butsu, we are led by Dharma-body to the Pure Land, the realm of Nirvana. In sincere gratitude for our rebirth, we say the Nembutsu.

In the Pali suttas, the Buddha similarly refers to his teaching as a provisional raft to the other shore:

I believe that all Buddhists, regardless of school or sect, can read their scriptures in this way. This makes Buddhism different from other religions.


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You can see this when you see some people who are listening to Dhamma talks.


Suttas have been analyzed and written in the form of books by numerous Monk’s and lay practitioners. I think reading the words of the Buddha directly will be the ultimate motive of any vipassana meditator . Bhavanamaya panna can only be built on the strong foundation of sutta and cintamaya panna. Thanks for your immense effort in developing suttacentral.


Recently I’ve been reading the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita, and there are more similarities with the suttas than I expected. It’s interesting to see how the Buddha reworked some ideas, and abandoned others.