Wildfire vs Monastery - blessings needed (Calif)

A wildfire that was sparked just a few days ago is threatening many homes as it encroaches upon the town of Santa Rosa, CA (USA) and surrounding areas (including Calistoga). They all need prayers or well-wishing for their safety and comfort.

Just south of Santa Rosa, in Pengrove, is Dhammadharini bhikkhuni monastery, the lovely main monastery founded by Ayya Tathaaloka. Dhammadharini is only about 7 miles south east of the southern border of the fire, which quickly grew to about 12 miles across.

Fire map screenshots today [edit: the pin and the black dot mark the location of Dhammadharini]

Dhammadharini shrine room

The smoke is thick both there and at their Hermitage.


Information on the fire and deep reflection posted by Ayya Tathaaloka from Aranya Bodhi Hermitage yesterday.


Oh dear :cry: :broken_heart:, maybe we can all channel our collective energies, very much like you posted earlier Ayya :pray:t3:

May all beings be safe from harm, may they find respite and safety :pray:t3:


Gosh it’s so terrible to see so many fires. After last year’s fires here in Australia and the chaos, danger and death caused, we have renewed awareness that we can’t take safety for granted, especially in forest monasteries.

The smoke alone is a real health hazard, as is the ongoing level of anxiety people experienced watching the advancing fire lines on apps etc over the course of weeks; some of the larger fires just kept creeping forward inexorably, but could have flared up more violently and suddenly at any moment, which was nerve wracking for communities and fire departments. Repeated evacuations also caused some trauma in communities, and of course, others lost everything.

They are predicting a wetter cooler summer here this year but there’s not much left to burn anyway.

Hoping our friends in California stay safe and remain protected. :pray:


They need so much love, compassion, blessings and care right now.
I’m sending metta directly from NSW to California: sisters in fire!! :pray:


Sending wishes for rain, low wind, and swift taming of the fires :pray::pray::pray:


The fire continued to spread away from Dhammadharini Monastery, becoming massive but not threatening the monastery. Today it is more than 60% contained.

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Good news :pray:t3:
But the devastation everywhere else is just heartbreaking :flushed:
Likely going to be a yearly occurrence… :broken_heart:

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