Work woes, bureaucracy foes

as a kid people used the excuse “i am sick” when skipping school.
i always wanted to skip but i was afraid of lying. however i acknowledge that if skipping school is good than it doesnt matter what reason i give.
today i have a job training that i am planning on skipping. i think it is a form of brain washing because i work at a small local supermarket and don’t think 4 hours of telling you how to deal with people is actually a good way to learn how to deal with people. however i will need to give a reason. i’m sort of accustomed to leaving such things up in the air at this point and just making something up when im asked about it.
so theres probably not much anyone here can do but if you have input –

That sounds like lying to me.

Also, if your employer is asking you to attend this training, it is probably important to them, even if it isn’t to you. Based on the questions here, some training regarding how to “deal with people” actually may be helpful-- you never know. Why not attend and see what happens.


I certainly understand your frustration. I am asked to attend all manner of meetings that seem superfluous to the nature of my work. If they are optional I decide if my time would be better spent doing something else. If they are mandatory I comply and attend (or complete the training online if that is the specified format).

But, of course, the ultimate guide should be the Noble Eightfold Path. Is skipping out on required training right concentration, right action, right livelihood, right mindfulness, right effort, right speech, right thought, or right view? If not, you have your answer :pray:


Work can be mundane. We do our best to work through it, suffering and all. Welcome to samsara! If I owned my own business that is what the doormat would say lol!

The question is also what am I contracted to do. Also are you taking enough holidays and do you find this meaningful?

Might not be good training but definitely a good test of your patience and courage. Might as well go, then you don’t have to lie.