Workshop 1: Myth-busting


Session 1 of the Part 1: Myth-busting at BSWA (Bhante Sujato and Ajahn Brahmali) had been recorded and put up on LiveStream (usually prior to youtube). I’ve recorded the mp3 (amplified the question about Samyutta-Agama) and uploaded it into GoogleDrive

I listened in live for Session 2, fortunately, but unfortunately didn’t press record on Audacity, but I managed to note down some of the sutta referenced: KN:Ud5.3, MN93, DN15, AN Jhanasoni ([2.17], 10.177), MN57, Black & White Kamma, SN56.48, 47


Dear Ajahn Brahmali I have a question about intention. Some times some people act in the way that I consider very irritating . I understand that is my enterpretation of their behavior and it is upp to me to let go of my expectations. I do try to think with kindness toward them and try to let go of my anger. But after I thought I let go of my anger I found my self in the middle of saying something hurtful to this person who acted irritating to me. I have not planed to do or say anything hurtful and I thought I have let it go but there it was coming out of my mouth.
Would that be considered making intentional karma? And if I apologize to that person from all my heart would that elleminate bad karma?
With meta, Alona.


Dear Alona,

I suspect there is probably a bit of bad kamma there, but not too much. You have tried to let go, but then you find out that you haven’t really fully let go after all! That’s a good learning experience in itself. Try to understand your mind a bit more deeply, especially your intention, and you will be able to find out what is going on all by yourself.

And no, apologising will not eliminate the bad kamma, but it will reduce its effect. Also, apologising is in itself good kamma, if it comes from a good heart.

With metta.


Dear Ajahn Brahmali, thank you for your reply. Also thank you for posting your Dharma talks on YouTube . I really enjoy them and they really helpful in my daily practice. I am trying to understand my mind by paying close attention every day to my intentions. What I see that my wrong intentions come from unwise Self-righteous ideas av how life and people in it should exist (like I know…haha). I think my misunderstanding called a wrong view. But I found that developing right view is very challenging process but absolutely essential for making good karma. ( Sorry for misspellings)
With Metta, Alona.


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Thank YOU, Ajahn Sujato. I will be away for 3 weeks, signing up now and go to India with Ajahn Brahmali and others. Will miss the 1st class for sure. Sorry.

I really like this topic, ‘Karma and Rebirth’

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And here is a pretty good talk about his NDE on youtube:



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