Would you print your own copy of the Middle Discourses today if you could?

If you had a pdf of the Middle Discourses translated here by Bhante Sujato, would you print your own copy now?

After creating an unofficial epub of the MD, it seemed obvious that some people may be interested in an unofficial pdf version that they could print for themselves. This leads to several questions…

Would the developers mind if someone did this?
Would anyone be interested in printing this for their own personal use?
What is most important, a small document cheap to print with small text, or larger document with larger text?

I have been able to create a version on A5 (half of A4) that is about 550 pages. This is with a font size of 10pt and basically “novel style” formatting to save space. This would mean it would take about 140 sheets of A4 paper printed on both sides

For context, the translation only of Bhante Bodhi’s edition is about 1067 pages.

Starting every sutta on a new page baloons it up to 629 pages. Increasing the font size on that version to 11pt shoots it up to 732 pages. 12pt it’s 818 pages. Increasing the line spacing to a much more readable 1.15 take it to 955 pages, which is almost the same as Bhante Bodhi’s.

I am 100% confident that the edition Sutta Central produces for print will be a thing of beauty and I can’t wait to see it. But if there are folks that would like to print their own today, I would be willing to put time in to make something readable.



Personally, I wouldn’t print my own copy.

Printing out a book is expensive and wouldn’t be as nicely bound, if at all.

I also enjoy the conveniences and search capabilities of my Kindle Paperwhite.

I wouldn’t print a PDF file. I prefer carrying, reading and searching through them on my iPad.

I wouldn’t print them either for the reasons already stated

Thanks for the thoughtful offer :slight_smile:

I guess I was thinking about folks in countries that tend not to have access to western printed books as easily. Many places, like Thailand I believe, have a habit of even photocopying books. Personally, I’m a DIY person and have bound my own books before.