Yanta/yaṃ taṃ/yantaṁ - Metta Sutta

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Can someone help me with the “derivation” of the word ‘yanta’ in some readings of this gatha (143) in the Metta Suttta [Snp 1.8]-

करणीयमत्थकुसलेन, यन्त सन्तं पदं अभिसमेच्‍च
Yanta santaṁ padaṁ abhisamecca;

I have seen other versions of the sutta where yanta [“He who?”] is replaced by yaṃ taṃ or yantaṁ.
[SC discussion on variant spellings in Metta Sutta here]

But I just wanted to know how ‘yanta’ is arrived at…? Which sandhi rules, if any, might have been applied? [If it is from yaṃ taṃ, then I guess the ṃ->n, but is the final ṃ dropped?]


This is because of the metre.

Please see note no. 2 at link. to Ven. Anandajoti’s website


Thanks a lot Suvira - this is priceless - I had no idea about the demands of Pali prosody on the gathas/verses - makes sense.

Just to reproduce the note you point to -

karaṇīyam-atthakusalena, yan-taṁ [2] santaṁ padaṁ abhisamecca:

[2] "Yanta’ to give the jagaṇa "

About Pali prosody and the jagaṇa meter -
In these metres the gaṇa pattern {…} is normally found only in the even gaṇas, and occurs in roughly half of the 2nd & 4th gaṇas, and virtually always in the 6th (where appropriate), so that its inclusion there appears to be the rule.
§ 2.18, p. 38

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AKWarder, a preeminent Pali scholar and teacher wrote his PhD on Pali metrics. Here’s an announcement of it’s publication in book form.

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