Your Active Moderator Team

Following out from Aminah’s post here

the current active mod team is @Viveka, @Gillian, @Erik_ODonnell, and @Timothy. While I’m still staff with a shield, and am happy to serve as long as they want me with general tinkering and such, I’m no longer actively moderating. The afore mentioned four are so good at the job the transition wasn’t even noticeable. :+1: :smiley:


They are jolly good! :yum:

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Aaah shucks! While not taking anything away from the sterling job the active mod team are doing, I sure did notice! Though I already said it to you elsewhere, it’s most definitely worth repeating how extremely highly I valued your incredibly thoughtful, balanced, kind nature and all the other wonderful qualities you brought to the mod team. It was such a deep, deep privilege to serve with you.

And now, if you will, allow me to counter quote you! :grin:

That said, it’s not really a “goodbye”, just a “see you somewhere else”.

Thank you and all the sadhus to you!