$100 A Day Weight Loss Plan

The Doṇapāka sutta is one of my favorite suttas.

The Buddha notices King Pasenadi, who is known for gluttony, experiencing labored breathing just in walking up to him. The Buddha gives him the very modern advice to be mindful while he eats, so the King knows he first becomes full so he can stop eating at that point. The modern advice states that eating mindfully can also lead to eating more slowly, which can produce satiation on less food.

The Olendzki translation was my favorite for the tounge-in-cheek humor with the line:

“All their afflictions become more slender”

However, this morning I discovered Ajahn Sujato’s translation which translated the royal attendants pay for reminding King Pasenadi to be mindful at meals into modern money - $100 a day!


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