10th Global Conference on Buddhism---Toronto 2017

10th Global Conference on Buddhism, June 17–18 2017, Toronto, ON

Ajahn Brahm Preconference: Mindfulness, Bliss, and Beyond 1/13 104′ 11,87 MB :arrow_down:
Ajahn Brahm, Bhante Saranapala, Dr. Tony Toneatto Day 1 Opening Address 2/13 22′ 2,50 MB :arrow_down:
Ajahn Brahm Day 1 Guided meditation 3/13 21′ 2,35 MB :arrow_down:
Ajahn Brahm, Ven. Dhammajiva, Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu Day 1 Session 2: Mindfulness it’s use and misuse: Right and wrong mindfulness in the Buddha’s words; Q&A 4/13 87′ 9,86 MB :arrow_down:
Dr. Norman Farb, Dr. Sara Lazar, Dr. Philippe Goldin Day 1 Session 3: Mindfulness and mental health: The The Buddhist and the scientific approach. Two paths, one destination?; Q&A 5/13 73′ 8,33 MB :arrow_down:
Ven. Dhammajiva Day 1 Guided meditation 2 6/13 41′ 4,62 MB :arrow_down:
Ven. Dhammajiva, Bhante Saranapala, Theo Koffler Day 1 Session 4: Are we building Mindful or a mindless society? Its time to rethink!; Q&A 7/13 77′ 8,75 MB :arrow_down:
Dr. James Austin Day 1 Guest Lecture: Recent Reflections on Zen and the Brain; Q&A 8/13 47′ 5,36 MB :arrow_down:
Ajahn Brahm Day 2 Guided meditation 9/13 21′ 2,33 MB :arrow_down:
Ajahn Brahm, Ven. Yung Ku, Ayyā Medhānandī Day 2 Session 5: Emotions: The good the bad and the ugly! Is there a more skilful way to express our emotions? (Ajahn Brahm Sutta references: SN 10.4, SN 11.22); Q&A 10/13 82′ 9,40 MB :arrow_down:
Dr. Sara Lazar, Dr. Norman Farb, Dr. Philippe Goldin Day 2 Session 6: Can someone else see what we are feeling? Neuroscience of emotions and the future of contemplative neuroscience; Q&A 11/13 57′ 6,47 MB :arrow_down:
Bhante Vimalaramsi, Ajahn Brahm, Bhante Wimala Day 2 Session 7: Emotional intelligence: Are we born with it or is it acquired by training the mind?; Q&A 12/13 77′ 8,74 MB :arrow_down:
Dr. Tony Toneatto, Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu, Ajahn Brahm, 10GCB Speakers Day 2 Session 8: Future of Buddhism in a changing world: It is time now for an open and a mindful discussion; final Q&A 13/13 87′ 9,86 MB :arrow_down:

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