2300 year old Buddhist temple discovered in Pakistan

I love a bit of archaeological news! :grin:

A joint team of Italian archaeologists and Pakistani excavators has unearthed a 2,300-years-old temple in Swat District, northwest Pakistan. The ruins are even older than those discovered in Taxila, another famed region of Buddhist archaeology in Pakistan, asserts the Hindustan Times. (Hindustan Times)

The discovery was made in an area known in the Ancient and Classical world as Bazira, which lies under modern-day Barikot in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The archaeologists unearthed a well-preserved, four-meter-high monument, which the archaeologists called β€œthe apsidal temple.” They also found a boulevard or main street that seemed to be part of the ancient city of Bazira that led to a gate, presumably the entrance to the city.

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