2do list, April 2016

##JSON Data

  • Reproduce current data in JSON as starting point
  • Rewrite templates to consume that data
  • Make manual edits to data to add additional structure when doing so is easy (i.e. MN)
  • Extract full hierarchy data from MS XML for Vinaya, Abhidhamma when it would be insanity to do by hand
  • Develop model for uids and vol/page refs for Pali and Chinese
  • Integrate cross-refs, embedded parallels, verse parallels, inferred parallels
  • Extract cross-refs, sanitize, and check for duplications.


  • Add next/prev navigation for text images (maybe a dedicated page too?)
  • Add views for all points in hierarchy with up/down/left/right navigation
  • Enliven references to vol/page with links to text
  • Use Typekit for CJK fonts via Google font loader
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