4 Nikaya translations updated

The final twice-proofread translations of the 4 Nikayas by Bhante @sujato are now live and the draft flag has been removed.

In addition, the site should now (of a week or so) be properly indexed by search engines so texts should become Googlable, also URL previews such as on Twitter, Facebook and Discourse’s own Onebox should now work correctly.


Fantastic news! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, @blake, for all you do to help propagate the Dhamma! Your efforts are well appreciated!

Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu!


That’s great, Blake.

I notice that in some cases I’m still getting the legacy site at the top from googling, for example “sn 10.1 sutta”. Perhaps the indexing takes a while…

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Sadhu sadhu sadhu

What else is left? Is there more editing and work to be done on the four nikayas or are you guys done with them?

Will there be ebook versions? PDF, Epub, MOBI?

Will they be printed?


Yes, but it will take some time. I hope to get started with that after the Vassa.

That is indeed the plan, but will again take even more time.


I could throw together some basic unofficial epubs really quickly.


Probably not a very good idea. Bhante and I worked on making epubs some years ago and there is a lot about typography and styling that needs to go in to make it nice.

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That’s why it’d be unofficial. Not nice and not fit for printing, but usable as a basic ebook. Most ebook readers aren’t going to respect fancy typography anyway so that’d be mostly relevant for printing.



Personally I would find it great! I’ve made it myself with Digha by copying and pasting on a .doc file I’m already reading.

But no way I can do it with the numerous Samyutta and Anguttara’s suttas. :frowning:

I agree that typography doesn’t have much of a place in e-books. It is more about functionality. The major typographical decisions are up to the person reading.

I would be more than happy to help clean up a rough version. Especially of the MN. Let me know.

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I had a similar issue, did a forceful refresh (Ctrl+F5 in my PC) and the notice went away.

Wonderful!!! Thank you everybody!