7–1–7: Chanting and meditation service on Dhammanet, with love from Lokanta

Hey all, so good to see y’all enjoying this, we’re happy to keep it up indefinitely, and we are putting together some new ideas for online as well.

We’re abit slow off the mark compared to some others, our friends at Buddhist Insights have been doing a stack of things online, you should check it out! We have a chat with Vens Soma and Suddhaso the other day, and we’re hoping to maybe do an online event with all of us.

And for lovers of Pali chanting and global interconnection, look out for an awesome event starting tomorrow!


Bhante Sujato and Bhante Akaliko, thank you very much for the continued Dhamma services online. I have been joining you in the morning and night as much as possible, and they have been really helpful. Thank you. :anjal:


Hey thanks Kaz! A bit of silence always helps.

There was a beautiful message from the Queen today: “the streets are not empty, they are filled with the love that we have for each other.”


The following online Dhamma talk and discussion by Ven Akaliko will be taking place on Tuesday 19/5/2020.

Check out the link below. An excellent topic and discussion :pray: :slight_smile:



Ven @Akaliko

Just a ‘heads up’ I’ve been trying to register via The Buddhist Library, for 2 days and make a donation via paypal, but the system isn’t working.

Might just be idiosyncratic to me as have been having email probs, but just wanted to let you know so you can check :slight_smile:

For anyone else having this problem, but still wanting to give Dana, donations can be made to Lokanta Vihara via their web page as well (the very last lines of the text on home page :slight_smile: :pray:

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Hey all if you’ve been tuning in to 717 we have been cut off sometimes, don’t worry, it is just a connectivity problem at our end, we’re still here!


Hello @Viveka Hmmm. I just tried registering and it worked but I wasn’t trying to donate… so I just ticked the “other” box and it all seemed fine… But you have given the video and zoom links which is the most important bit and any kind donations can be sorted out later.


Yes, I also got an error message from the donation system, but ticking “other” gives the link. Hopefully can figure something out later :heart: