84000 Launches Video Campaign to Mark 10 Years of Preserving the Tibetan Buddhist Canon

84000 Launches Video Campaign to Mark 10 Years of Preserving the Tibetan Buddhist Canon





Thanks. First chapter of the mulasarvastivada vinaya was already published. Following chapters are coming slowly.

Interesting :face_with_monocle:


that’s really good to see.

The Mulasarvastivada Vinaya is the last remaining major text that is not on SC. When I was preparing the Vinaya texts, it just became too overwhelming: there are Sanskrit, Chinese, and Tibetan version, with lots of little-understood differences. So I just gave up, hoping that more advanced scholarship would help with the task at a later date.


Bhante I was reading it. But it’s kind real long. But I hope for the older parts of their vinaya to be translated. There is some other books of vasubandu is not translated yet, but I can’t wait. Because it’s one of his few hinayana focused works.

According to a review I saw it has some sort of agamas quotes and sastra of them. I think about 1000 gatha quotes.

“Sautrantika perspective”
Gathasamgrahasastra and Gatharthasamgrahasastra [plus Ekagathabhasya

I especially like that school movement to try go back to suttas.

But his supposed Mahāyāna work focused on the “sarvakas” are also dependent on these works.

Vyakhyayukti which in the reviews said only Tibetan has it.

Those might be nice.
There is also other two of him focused on sravakas.

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My opinion is they are using really simple words with the translations either out of thinking for the public or Tibetan is hard to translate.

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This is probably the early Mulasarvarstivada Avadanas. As the first sentence already gave the clue. In place of giving homage to Buddha and Bodhisattvas. It says

I prostrate to the [All-Knowing One]


And I didn’t find yet many Buddha. Most stories is of Kassapa Buddha. Which I think is probably a sign that was the first Buddha Buddhism started with. One past Buddha One Present Buddha and probably one future Buddha.

But the stories are so many.

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