9th Global Conference on Buddhism---Perth 2015

9th Global Conference on Buddhism, August 8–9 2015, Perth, WA

Bhikkhu Bodhi Bhikkhu Bodhi’s message to Opening of 9GCB Conference Perth Aug 2015 1/9 11′ 1,19 MB :arrow_down:
Piyal Walpola, Ven Zi Nai Shi, George Burns Session 3: Mindfulness is wellness 4/9 100′ 11,42 MB :arrow_down:
Bhante Sujato, Neil Harbisson, Stelarc, Guy Ben-Ary, Damith Herath Session 4: Are you ready for the future 5/9 118′ 13,50 MB :arrow_down:
Peter Fitzpatrick, Dr Eng Kong Tan, Dr Chien Hoong Gooi Session 5: Depression and suicide continue to touch many of us 6/9 76′ 8,69 MB :arrow_down:
Lhakpa Tsamchoe, Sarah Napthali, Ven Miao You, Bhikkhu Buddharakkhita, Bhikkhuni Hasapanna Session 6: Buddhist Journeys 7/9 88′ 9,98 MB :arrow_down:
Dhammaruwan, Dennis Sheppard, Prof. Bernard Carr Session 7: Past lives Hypnosis and Psychic Phenomena 8/9 94′ 10,74 MB :arrow_down:
Ajahn Brahmali, 9GCB Speakers Session 8: Buddhism: passive or passionate (Closing Session and Q&A) 9/9 73′ 8,29 MB :arrow_down:

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