A frame called kathina

We will celebrate Kathina, I hear, the ancient monks make the robe using a frame called a Kathina. Anyone have a photo of the Kathina frame? Sorry I can’t speak English very well.

Source: 🌞 Dhammagiri News #13 - 30/10/2015

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I know the robe pattern, but I don’t know the wooden Frame. Which used to make the robe

I’ve never heard of anyone using a frame. It was a method for enabling swift and accurate sewing; nowadays we use these, I’m afraid!


Monks in my country use the sewing machine too… No one use the frame… Thanks for your answer Bhante… :smiley:

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In home economics class, I had a hard time sewing straight lines. Would this preclude me from becoming a monastic? Perhaps the frame would be beneficial!

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Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Most monks use pre-sewn robes these days, although the fine tradition of sewing your own robes is still upheld in a few places.

For the kathina, every monk or nun must contribute something, but if your sewing is truly dreadful you can help by drawing or cutting the cloth, or maybe just making coffee.

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Ajahn Pasanno was telling me about how they had to make everything in his early days, including a lathe for making the umbrellas (the proper term escapes me at the moment). Now that sounds like something I could contribute, though with practice, I’m sure I could sew a fine robe, eventually.

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I hope I can see Kathina celebration in early Buddhism tradition