A Historical Tour of Indian Buddhist Philosophy

Hey folks,

I am starting a Youtube Channel on Buddhist Philosophy and how it relates to Philosophy and Philosophy of Religion. I’ve noticed an unfilled niche in the youtube philosophy world and I am going to see if I can fill it.

Just wanted to share my first video with you guys since I feel some of you would be interested. The channel is going to be a long form type channel with long videos. Hopefully I can bring Buddhist philosophy and ideas to the youtube philosophy of religion space which is mostly dominated by discussions on theistic religions.

Wish me luck :sweat_smile:


Thanks! This fills a real need. I appreciate all your work creating this resource.

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Nice, congratulations. :pray:

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That’s an awesome idea and I wish you luck. More content on eastern philosophy is always welcome and should proliferate. I am concerned that the long form will greatly limit viewership however so you may want to also include some shorter videos.

You may be interested in the History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps- Classical Indian Philosophy podcast for structural ideas or whathaveyou. I must admit, I like the ~20-30 minute format per episode.


Anyway, and obviously, feel free to ignore the suggestion and stick with your preferred format.



Welcome to YouTube, @Javier ! :anjal:


Great Idea. Hopefully there will be a transcript as I don’t hear that skillfully related to age.

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Yes well these kinds of things will always have a specific niche, but I prefer to bite that bullet. I am inspired by long form philosophy channels like Majesty of Reason, Real Atheology, and Capturing Christianity which can have quite long videos and still get quite a lot of engagement. I feel there’s a niche for a Buddhist / Eastern phil version of these.

Also, Youtube stats regarding long form videos would surprise you, they often get as much engagement as short vids.

I’m a fan of your channel!


Thanks so much, @Javier . It looks like yours will be more in-depth than mine, which is great. If you want to chat about anything let me know. I’m available. :anjal:


Great, @Javier . I’ll watch it :slight_smile: