A Householder's Vinaya With Home and Sangha Retreat Guides By Allan Cooper

For one who aspires to deepen their practice, This is a resource that I have found to be quite helpful.
One can get a free pdf of it at: .
I’m starting this topic to find others with an interest in the book and the practice.
Please do contribute your thoughts.


Thank you so much for starting this topic, I had just downloaded the book after seeing it mentioned in the Practising full time as a lay person thread. I’m excited to see a discussion of it here and have moved it to the top of my reading list. :relaxed:

Another interesting looking book along similar lines I saw mentioned here recently was A Whole-Life Path by Gregory Kramer:


@EK I am hoping to find more folks interested in trying out the formula Cooper offers. I’m still digesting the book myself but I do see some suggestions about practicing together even if it isn’t in person.




The way to do this will be to put our a call for people to indicate their interest and then to gather them together into a PM. PMs aren’t moderated and the rule about sharing too much personal stuff doesn’t apply.


Those who are interested in delving deeper can visit this site to find out what the Insight Dialogue Community is doing online. There are various groups that meet to discuss this book.


@TomSchulte …Please include me in PM.

Both Gregory Kramer’s writing and Insight Dialogue are wonderful and deeply insightful approaches to Dhamma practice. :blush: :pray:

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I am currently reading Cooper’s book. I am always interested in various approaches to dhamma practice as a lay practitioner. Given that no two lay practitioners have identical situations, it is instructive to see the large number of adaptations and adjustments made to facilitate serious practice. As it says in the suttas, lay life poses significant challenges to serious and continuous practice but it also gives rise to creativity, resourcefulness, and perseverance in lay practitioners and that fills my heart with hope and joy (borrowing the title of another thread).
with metta


@TomSchulte if you start a PM, please include me as well. Although I’m just beginning the book, I’m always looking for ways to deepen my practice and discuss with other like-minded practitioners. :relaxed:


I’d be interested in a PM / group discussion as well. :pray:


Thanks to all who want to be included in the PM. I will do a PM once my life settles down a bit. Gillian has ben helpful in sending me instructions on how to do it. Just haven’t had time.