A schism in the Sangha

Dear Venerable Ajahn Brahmali,
Can a lay person create a schism in the Sangha? I have behaved incredibly badly I think and I am so remorseful and worried about my actions. Please please let me know.

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May @Brahmali see your message

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No, it is impossible for a lay person to create a schism in the Sangha. At the most your speech has been unskillful. Carry on living well, and you will overcome this in no long time! :slightly_smiling_face:

Much metta,
Ajahn Brahmali


I’ll leave the quote from the Vinaya here, for Willy1‘s peace of mind:

From kd17:

… a male lay follower, or a female lay follower cannot cause a schism in the Sangha, even if she makes an effort to do so.


Thank you so much Venerable Ajahn Brahmali, I promise to never do what I did again. I recommit to practice whole heartedly going forward, for the benefit of all beings and the immeasurable gratitude towards this community. Thank you to everyone so much for your help, it’s beyond words helpful to me. Thank you thank you thank you :pray:


Thank you so much Venerable Vimalanyani! This is beyond reassuring…thank you thank you thank you. I am so fortunate to have a chance to get guidance from this community. I promise to practice ardently going forward.


Thank you so much for your help here Venerable Sikkhakamo…I will never do what I did again, and thank you so much for helping me to feel better! It’s very powerful. Thank you Venerable Sir.