A typo in AN 6.61

Dear Bhante,
I just noticed this typo. “sodha sibbini maccagā’”ti”. Should it not be “sibbani”?. For your information please.
With Metta

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Hi Nimal,

Hmm, interesting, well spotted.

We don’t make any corrections to our Pali text: it is exactly as received from the Mahasangiti edition.

In this case, sibbini occurs consistently in our texts instead of the expected sibbani.

I’m not sure why this is, and the PTS dictionary suggests it be corrected to sabbani. But perhaps we should simply accept it as a variant spelling.


I found this:

sibbinī パーリ語辞典 水野弘元著
sibbinī:f.,sibba n.,sibbana-magga m.[<sīv] 頭蓋の縫合線.
sibbinī - Definition and Meaning - Pali Dictionary | Pāli to English, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Burmese Dictionary

Is that meaningful?

I think it just shows that the unexpected spelling sibbini is quite widely attested.