ABC Radio National Soulsearch "How Women are Remaking Buddhism" podcast

A podcast in which I chat to ABC Radio National Soulsearch’s Dr. Meredith Lake, about bhikkhunis, the 1996 Sarnath ordination, writing Ranjani de Silva’s biography, dropping out from medical school to be a nun, renunciation, the Mettarama project, and more. Also featuring Ayya Hasapanna.

Meredith was used to how issues involving Anglican female priests have played out, so the bhikkhuni thing was a bit of a learning curve for both of us (also for me to explain things in English and not in Pali), but I think we did ok.


Dr Lake asked good, pointed questions :relaxed: Your answers were very informative and clear too Ayya :+1:t4::+1:t4: I enjoyed listening to it very much :pray:t3: especially you own story :grin:

Renouncing is easy, holding on is difficult


Thanks for the link Ayya. That was very informative.

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@suvira was recently interviewed for a ABC RN Podcast talking about her new book and Bhikkhuni ordination.


It gave me much joy to read this post. You both look so happy as Bhikkhunis @Pasanna and @Suvira. I met Ranjani De Silva in several Sakyadhita Conferences and hardly knew of her active organizing role in Theravada bhikkhuni revival beyond Sri Lanka. Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu!


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