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If I arrived at the D&D home page for the first time, how would I navigate to the about/guidelines/FQA/etc section?

I was trying to look for something a little earlier on and this was the more readily available route I found (didn’t think to modify the URL!): home > post #6 (linking to) > post #23 > scroll to the bottom to link to TOS via which all the tabs can be found. Have I been a bit backwards and missed an easier path?


i myself only found it today, it’s under the hamburger button at the upper right hand corner of the page next to the search icon, but even there it’s completely not obvious


FQA - frequently questioned answers? :slight_smile:


Great you brought up this topic. I would like to recommend we have our guidelines more easily accessible, or even better, constantly reminded to anyone logging in to D&D.

It may be helpful making discussions here less conflictious… Water dripping day by day wears the hardest rock away. :slight_smile:



in the FAQ section accessed from About section all other tabs disappear, which is inconvenient

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Goodness me! I have to conclude that I never full recognised the hamburger menu was even there - I’ve never used it. How lucky I am that, to the best of my knowledge, the suttas don’t say anything about mindfully examining UIs!

Thanks LXNDR.


Frequently questioned answers: it’s just the way I roll and I believe the Buddha encourages it! :wink:


Glad you brought this up. It should be much more obvious, for example a forum called “Guidelines” at the top of the list on the homepage, above “Discussion.”