Abstaining from intentional killing of beings

This is one of 5 precepts I read and the more I read and discover it puzzles me. So far my understanding is willful And intentional killing of any sentiment beings even a mosquito breaks this precept.

Then further reading the Final ruling Below and few other places I see intentional killing of plants and seeds is not allowed, intentional digging is prohibited, cooking raw food is prohibited all is for saving this precept

(SuttaCentral)‘If a monk destroys plants, he commits an offense entailing confession.’”

Question comes to me to what extent this precept goes, and what are the beings who are conscious, our body is composed of +50% foreign cells bacteria and viruses More than half your body is not human - BBC News . Are these also sentiment beings, Any living cells?

When we open our mouth, move our body or perform any day to day activity certainly some smaller beings, plants or seeds might be destroyed, When you rub hands 1000s of cells are destroyed also these microbes along with might be. So literally a 10 step walk is not possible maintaining this precept to the fullest, so does it mean one should stop a intentional walk? Or movement of body ?

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There was quite a detailed discussion about this in the topic below


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