Add expanded text names as "title"

This is an idea for @vimala and @blake to consider.

It’s a simple thing, but I notice that our normal links on (sub)division and details pages don’t have title attributes. May I suggest that we add a title that gives the “expanded” form of the ID, as given in uid_expansion.csv.

Where currently we have, say:

<a href="/pi/mn1">MN&nbsp;1</a>

Which displays as MN 1

we’d have

<a href="/pi/mn1" title="Majjhima Nikāya 1">MN&nbsp;1</a>

Which displays as MN 1

This would help newcomers learn the meaning of the IDs.

This was quick and easy to implement


Thanks so much!

I’m seeing them on division/subdivision pages: can we get them on “details” pages too?

Done, they are now marked up in all places which uses the template macro to generate the table rows.

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Thanks so much.