Add Hungarian and Norwegian texts

I have now added the available Hungarian translations of the suttas to SuttaCentral.

These are from here: They include substantial portions of the 4 nikayas and some passages from the early texts of the Khuddaka. They were done by various translators, and many of them were translated direct from the Pali.

I have also added the Norwegian suttas, translated by Kåre A. Lie from the Pali.:

These include the complete translation of DN, MN, and Dhp, and selections from AN, SN, It, Ud, Thag and Thig.

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Our friend @Volker has just found another site with Hungarian translations of the texts:

And might have also added a few texts in the last 2 years. If anybody is interested in having a look through these sites and letting me know what might be useful for SuttaCentral, please let me know.