Add link to github

I can’t find any link from the main site to the github repository. I don’t know if this is intentional or an oversight. Without that link I don’t know how people would find out about the core data if they wanted to do something with it.


There’s a link on the Licensing page, but yeah, it could be more prominent.

Ah. I didn’t see that. I’d say that a link on the about page makes more sense if you don’t want a top level link in the menu. Maybe the Download page too.

I’ve actually been thinking vaguely of adding a site footer, and this would be perfect. I left it out originally because I guess I thought it would be mobile friendlier? But then, a footer lets you bring to the surface a whole bunch of links that otherwise would be hidden, so it’s friendlier.

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Yes, site footer +100.

It’s just a standard thing in today’s internet.

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