Adding sc-verse numbers

Following my recent conversation with @Vimala, and to keep @Blake in the loop, we propose to add a new system of verse numbers for relevant texts.

Let us assign CSS class="verse-num-sc" along the lines of class="verse-num-pts" which we already use.

These numbers should be used in tandem with the standard sc paragraph numbers.

This issue arose due to the problem that not all texts have sc numbers that begin with each file. In some cases the numbers continue for the whole text, resulting in inconsistency.

Some examples where this applies:

  • Sutta Nipāta: Currently has no numbers for prose paragraphs, and sc numbers count the verses sequentially from the beginning.
  • Thera- and Therī-gāthā: Currently handled differently. Thag has verse numbers from the beginning of the text, Thig has per page. they should both have both systems. Also, Thag is complicated by the addition of three introductory verses, which are not part of the verse numbering as such.
  • Udānavarga: This is split into vaggas, so needs sequential verse numbers added.
  • Sagāthāvagga: Currently has no verse numbers. But in BB’s edition the verses are numbered sequentially from the beginning of the text, so these should be added. We should take care to ensure consistency with BB’s edition.
  • Others: Candidates include Vimāna- and Peta-vatthu, Udāna, Itivuttaka.

Bhante. What do you think about verse numbers in the Mvu?

I don’t think it’s necessary. The issue is really about referencing from other places. In the cases mentioned above we find references to the verse number, so it makes sense for us to have it. In most texts, including those that have verses, this is not the case, so by default we do not include verse numbers.

However, it we do want to add them to Mvu, it is a simple matter to apply them programmatically, so it’s not something you have to worry about.

Ok no worries thanks

I have done these three on
So please have a look.
Personally I find it a bit overkill to use both sc verse numbers and pts verse numbers. Why not just use the pts ones where they exist? At the moment for the Thera- and Therī-gāthā the sc verse numbers are exactly the same as the pts verse numbers.
For the SNP I’m not sure what the correct pts verse numbers should be.

So please have a look at these before I continue further. (and note that the cross-references to these texts now don’t work any more).

They do differ, so it’s important to have both sets. Snp has a number of variations, as does Thag. I’m not sure about Thig. But often the variations only happen half-way through.

I have put SC verse numbers on all of the ones mentioned by @sujato as well as PTS verse numbers on Sutta Nipāta and Therīgāthā (Theragāthā already had them).

Next to this the following have received new sc numbers (starting with “1” on each page):
Dhammasaṅgaṇī (Ds)
Kathāvatthu (Kv)
Sutta Nipāta
(and a few individual files that had later been split and still retained the old numbering)

So now most of the cross-references won’t work any more.
Before starting on those, I also want to look into github issues and to make sure that all the links work to the texts we have.

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I have saved some temporary parallel files here so they don’t get lost:

These files contain a.o. the new dhp-taisho parallels and all parallels with references updated to the new numbering system.