Adding sutta number to top panel

Just a suggestion: when reading a (long) sutta, there is a panel at the top with the sutta’s title, and some buttons:

I think it could be very useful to add the sutta number on that line; it would not take too much space and would be a quite useful information to have at hand I think.

Maybe something like that:


Bhante @Sujato: How about adding the Acronym/UID-expansion to the top toolbar?

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Great idea :bulb:

The sutta ID is already present in the URL bar. Now, I know that some clients cough Safari cough like to hide the URL and just show the site name. But leaving such cases aside, if the sutta ID does in fact appear in the URL, is that not sufficient?

Just remember, every addition makes things worse. It always adds code, which means complexity, developer time, download time, and bandwidth.

In addition, horizontal space in the top bar is at a premium, and on narrow screens it is already too little. You say it won’t add too much space. But we have thousands of Vinaya IDs, which look something like this: Lzh Dg Bi Vb NP 21. That’s already basically all your free space on a mobile toolbar. Okay, so we can program a logic as to what IDs we use and what we don’t. That requires design testing, figuring out what works on what devices, what IDs are too long. And so it goes.

I’d be much more open to suggestions about what we can remove from that space.


But it is possible to always show the full URL - at least with Safari/macOS. Under iOS I could not find a similar option.

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Oh, and I forgot: the ID is not only in the URL, it’s also in the page “title” tag, which means it appears in the browser tab and top panel. So on a sutta page it appears in three places in the browser:


Ok thanks, I did not realize it was in the tab and in the address bar sorry.

No worries, please let us know if you have any more ideas (and don’t be disappointed if I say no! I like saying no.)


I will!

I won’t!

I noticed! :grin:

More seriously, I know you have spent hooours discussing the in and out of this website, so it does make sense you say no to much of the suggestions from casual and non-technical users like us! And it’s quite great that you still welcome feedback and reply to most questions and paging you receive, it must be quite a task. Thanks for being so open :slight_smile: