Adding Vietnamese audios to SC-Voice “Other Resources"

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Oh I am very sorry, I guess it must be named vi as language not vie, I just looked up the iso name. This can be done with bulk rename utility for windows - l’ll do this shortly for your upload to mega and provide a link here!


Don’t worry about that, I’ve already fixed it :wink:


Oh great, sorry again!


update: I finished the DN. It’s in the same MEGA link as above

There are a few points I want to make:

  • I made the file notes.txt to with a small description for each edited file
  • Initially I used Audacity, but then I messed up the quality output parameters. Since I only do cutting and removing, I decided to use a lossless editor (mp3DirectCut). You can then do a batch conversion to FLAC
  • Therefore, I cannot remove all the echo, music presented in some files (I tried with Audacity but not really effective). You can find a list of those files in the “TROUBLESOME” section in the file notes.txt. Feel free to edit more to suit your needs
  • The DN30 in the original source is in fact DN1 in disguise. So I googled the true DN30 audio.
    Guess what, I fought the website of the official audio CD distributor here: Diệu Pháp Âm, of course completely free to download :star_struck:. It is in fact the exact same audio as the source posted in SuttaCentral forum but in the CD different music is inserted in the background for every files. So I think I’ll stick with the original one without background music.
    • They have also made the audiobook CDs for the Agamas as well :exploding_head:!
    • I put all the links in the file links.txt for easy access
    • They have also a YouTube channel for online listening


Dear Phineas, can you please write for me the Vietnamese translation for “[translator name] Vietnamese”? Thank you.

Probably it’s something like this:


My goodness—how do you get all these accents on the letters! I mean, two accents on one letter!!

If you type it here I can copy it. :grin:


:joy: Blame the French! Originally, Vietnamese used a form of Chinese characters.


:joy: French is innocent! French has never more than one accent per letter and certainly no underdots, only cedilla. It is easy to type:

Je suis née à Nîmes. Ou plutôt : Je ne suis pas née à Nîmes; ceux qui sont nés à Nîmes sont des Français. :wink:

It is easy to type at least compared to Vietnamese. But of course, German is easiest: Ich hänge öfter meine Wäsche über die Leine. :wink: :smiling_imp:


@sabbamitta you want to copy this text?

Thích Minh Châu Tiếng Việt

Side note: it’s his ordination name, not real name

We Vietnamese use a software to map some lesser used keys into diacritics. But if you want you can search for some online keyboards. This one is not bad: Lexilogos

They adopted the alphabet, but those who invented were the Portuguese

Though it’s still better than writing the Chinenese characters :innocent:


Thank you, just copying this is enough to use in Voice. I guess it is fine to use his ordination name. :smile:


Hi Phineas, I just added a link to Voice’s DN 1 Wiki page where we host links to other audio sources. You will also see a link to DN 1 on Pali Audio there. If you click on that link it gets you to an audio player where you can play the audio. I don’t know why this isn’t the case for DN 1, but usually this audio player has the option to either play or download the respective sutta, like this:

(scroll to the right to see the download button)

I have no idea how difficult it would be for you to make something similar for the Vietnames audios, so that users can choose to either play or download them. If you could do that, that would be great! :+1: :+1:


I think it depends on which web platform to store the audio files.
MEGA storage doesn’t seem to have the feature to embed nor share audio files in a website, although in the folder you can choose a file to play or download.
I choose MEGA because the whole audio collection is quite heavy (at least 7 GB).
So to achieve what you want, we need a platform which offers at least as much of free storage and the ability to embed audio files, play and download. I really don’t know anything like that :thinking:
Maybe you could contact the web developpers to know how they do it. If it’s not too hard, I’m ok to do it :smiley:


I didn’t see the option to play it so far. A bit blind? :see_no_evil:

I try to find out more, thank you!


there is a button to do it :wink::
or this

but like I said, you can’t share link of an individual file, only a folder as a whole


Hmm… I see this:



that’s weird :face_with_monocle:
anyway MEGA isn’t suited :man_shrugging:


Did you consider Internet Archive, @phineas-pta?

Internet Archive accounts are completely free. The most salient detail from their about page:

Anyone with a free account can upload media to the Internet Archive. We work with thousands of partners globally to save copies of their work into special collections.

Also, from their uploading tips page, it would seem there’s not even any limit:

Is there a limit to the number of files or the size of the file that I can upload?

Currently, there is no limit on the size of files nor the number of files. However, from a systems perspective, we do not recommend files larger than 50 GBs to be uploaded or more than 1000 files, per single page.

This is because items can “break” as well as take a very long time to derive and can often timeout and fail. Some users have managed to upload files larger than 50GB’s but there is always a risk that these files will cause problems.

(Research done by @Aminah, thank you so much!)


it seems good
but then how do you embed an audio file? do you just copy the link of the file?


Here is an example. It seems there are some tools there? (Maybe you can see this when you create an account.)


Perfect! so I’ll upload on Internet Archive
Does SuttaCentral already have an account? If not I sign up one and then send you the password?


Voice at least doesn’t. I think you can create an account under any name you wish, and what you upload will be freely accessible to anyone. That is good enough for Voice; we don’t need the password.

Thank you a lot for doing this!