Adding Vietnamese audios to SC-Voice “Other Resources"

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As Anagarika Sabbamitta mentions, Internet Archive is fine for Voice. For example, Voice links to:

Internet Archive should be a good home for this content. Normally such content is managed by the uploader in a manner that suits the uploaders intended presentation. Internet Archive has its own way of organizing such material and content uploaders may be interested in guiding the user experience of that content. Voice can then simply refer to that curated content through one or multipe links depending on the wishes of the content uploader. For this reason, Voice doesn’t currently have an Internet Archive account of its own.



Sorry for the late, I uploaded the DN to You can find it here:
Although the file order is not really great, I don’t think it would cause any problem


Thanks a lot for this! :pray:

I don’t see any problem with the file order. It’s straight from 1 to 34… I can’t think of any better! :slightly_smiling_face:


it shows something like this to me:


Are you on a mobile phone that you can only see one column? To me it looks like this (the left column going down up to 17, the right one starting with 18 and continuing to 34):


No I’m on computer and it’s exactly what you’re seeing. The point is that dn2 is next to dn19 instead of dn1


It’s just two rows instead of one; to me this isn’t actually a problem.


This annoyance always happens with numerical titles. It can be addressed by inserting zeroes in the title if you wish. E.g., DN01 vs. DN1.

Computers usually sort alphabetically. Therefore, mixing numbers with letters generally leads to the oddity of DN1 being followed by DN10 instead of DN2. :see_no_evil:


Hi Phineas, does “sách nói kinh Trường Bộ” mean Dīghanikāya audio books?


yes, I put the Vietnamese and English title together
also, the hyperlinks are completely in English


PS: I put the links at the top and delete the MEGA link


Thank you. This is how it looks like on Voice’s Wiki page now. There will be the same link for all DN suttas since the audios are all on one page.


@karl_lew it seems to me that the links on SC don’t have leading zeros, so to keep consistency I won’t add them
@sabbamitta I found this interesting guide:
So you can add a single file like this:
I see that embedding in a website is possible but I failed to do it myself


Do you still think changing something? Then I’ll stop editing our Wiki and wait until you’re done. Just let me know.


@sabbamitta Sorry to make you change many times, I done for the DN, you can continue editing


Thank you. But never mind, even if you still want to make some changes: We are all just finding out how all this works, and it would be completely normal that we try out something and then see it would be better another way.

But if you’re done then I’ll go ahead.


Ohhh… :see_no_evil: Only now did I see what you mean! There are nice numbers from 1–34, but the respective files do not contain the sutta of the same number! DN 1 is found under the number 34! This is indeed confusing!!

If I were a user who comes to this site for the first time I would click number 1 in order to get DN 1—and would end up with DN 10 instead.

In fact, if there is something that can be done about this that would be good! Sorry, I didn’t realize it earlier. No need any more (see below).

I also looked into this, and I didn’t yet find out how the system is supposed to work. It would be fantastic if we could link to individual suttas, but with what I tried so far I only got “page not found” or “no video available” or something like that.

The help page says links should have the form For the example in the screenshot below, I would think “identifier” should be 32, and “file” should be … ??? what exactly? dn8-vi-chau-ghpgvn.mp3 didn’t work.


@phineas-pta or @karl_lew, who can help?


@karl_lew @phineas-pta

Wow! Found it! :dolphin: :dolphin: :dolphin:

The “identifier” in this case is dighanikaya-audio-vi-edited/dn, and the “file” is dn8-vi-chau-ghpgvn.mp3.

Phineas, now the numbering can be as weird as it wants, it doesn’t matter any more:

The only thing is the link text now. It is “sách nói kinh Trường Bộ” for all suttas, and I think it should be individualized. Instead of “Dīghanikāya audio books” it should be “Dīghanikāya [sutta number]”.

Can you please let me know which part of “sách nói kinh Trường Bộ” means Dīghanikāya, and how numbers 1–34 are shown in Vietnamese? Are they just 1–34 like we use in English?

It’s really good that the first Nikaya you did is the DN! With all this trial and error, at least we have only 34 suttas to re-edit a few times. :grin: Once we know how it works it will be easier afterwards.


:man_cartwheeling: that does indeed look right to me.

Thank you, Anagarika Sabbamitta!

Phineas, this will allow Voice to have direct sutta-by-sutta access to your recordings. The Internet Archive collective ordering will only be seen by Internet Archive users.


For some reason for DN 1 doesn’t work; it shows “page not found”. (That’s actually why it took me so long to find out how the whole system is supposed to work: This was the first one I tried, and it didn’t work.)

Instead what works is :thinking:???

Not sure if this is so for more suttas, I didn’t test them all.