Adding Vietnamese audios to SC-Voice “Other Resources"

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Sorry I tried to fix the file order but messed up instead, it should be working now

“kinh Trường Bộ” means Dīghanikāya (“sách nói” = audiobook). You can write something like “kinh Trường Bộ - bài kinh số 1” (“[bài] kinh” = sutta, “số” = number) which means “Dīghanikāya - sutta n°1”


It works with this URL: You can leave it this way, I have linked this to the file in the Voice Wiki, so if people click there they get the right thing.

Thank you!


Following the guide I linked above, the link shouldn’t be server-dependent because the server link could be change, you may consider to update :innocent:

I managed to make the guide work, I updated the topic so that you can find it at the top


I am not quite sure what you mean. If I click on the link at “now” in your above post, what I get is the URL I copied here:


Now while updating the link texts I tested them all, and they all work properly.


Hmm… really strange: I get the same result when clicking on—which is what I put now into the link in our Wiki.

The strange world of :robot: :marvin_robot:


I know the guide is quite technical :sweat_smile:. Here how it works:

The file dn1-vi-chau-ghpgvn.mp3 is in fact stored on multiple servers (many file storage services do this to prevent lost) and is pointed to
Whenever you go to this link, depending on your location, it’ll redirect to the closest server, that’s why the URL you got is server-dependent. So if one day they change the server, this URL is dead
Other services like Google Drive do this in the background without changing the URL, but the permanent URL you get is not readable like


Thanks for the explanation! Now I see!! :grinning:

Phineas, you can now access the Vietnamese audios through Voice. If you enter a particular sutta in the search field (or you have it in your search list after entering a search term or clicking the “Inspire Me” button) you can find the Voice Wiki here:

It’s all a bit hidden and not at all obvious, and after the next update which will happen some time in August this will be easier. Instead of the above hidden path to what was called “Other resources” there will be a simple menu icon Bildschirmfoto%20vom%202019-07-28%2021-40-23 , and by clicking this you will find all available links:


This is a looot better! But still you cannot see directly in Voice that there is something in Vietnamese which would of course be desirable. But with our tiny team we don’t have the resources to do this at the moment, so yes—all we can do is adding these audios at all. And thanks to your work this is now possible. :pray:


So wonderful :heart_eyes:, I’m glad to be useful :relaxed:

I’m listening to the MN, it won’t be very fast because I’ll have some deadlines in work :sweat_smile:. I’ll update the link when it’s ready


Phineas and Anagarika Sabbamitta, thank you very much for adding Vietnamese audios. I don’t speak Vietnamese myself, but I have found that listening to these audio clips is quite immersive. The cadence and tonalities of Vietnamese are a novel counterpart to the abruptness of English and give a glimpse of a new and wonderful perspective. I am quite sure that many others will enjoy these recordings in the days to come.