Additions and corrections to our "literary" map of the Buddha's India

Thanks to Jonas’ awesome work, we have published a lovely map of the Buddha’s India, which in addition to being pretty, is detailed and accurate. However there is always room to improve, so I’d like to record corrections here in case we ever decide to make any changes.


The land of the Bhaggas is situated between the Yamuna and Ganges. It is mentioned a few times in the suttas. There should be room to put them on the map. Probably best to not add their capital Sumsumaragiri, which is unidentified.

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Bhante, did you get a chance to assess some of these ideas in this thread on the geography of the Buddha’s India and location placement?

I :heart: the hand drawn map!!!

Reminds me of Tolkien’s maps in The Lord of the Rings and in the Hobbit.

Here lie dragons!