Advanced search/filter function

It would be nice to filter searches so that one could just search in certain texts. For example I if wanted to search for a word/phrase in just MN and AN. Or I want to exclude results in the jatakas.

Also, it seems that if I use the search function in the navigation area I get results for both dictionary definitions and EBTs, yet if I edit the search within the main area of the results page I only get dictionary terms. I continue to forget this is the case, as it seems counterintuitive to me!

Thank you SC team for all your fine work


Indeed, yes, this has been on our 2-do list for a long time:

We are currently focused on the new release, which will not update search. However this will be one of my main priorities once the new version is released.

? So far as I know, there is only one search entry, which is displayed in two different places. So I’m not sure exactly what you’re encountering here. Would you mind giving more details exactly what you mean?

If I click in the search box in the yellow navigation area and perform a search for ‘volition’ it returns AN10.2 … SN12.40

From this page if I do another search by typing ‘formations’ in the search box above the results (and hit return/enter) it only searches the definitions/dictionary. As you can see from the query string.

Surely this should search both with the option to search just definitions.

A filter option is a definite need. Even if we could just search only within the nikayas or something would be awesome. It would help so much looking for suttas regarding certain topics and so forth.

Sorry I didn’t respond to this earlier.

I think you have encountered some form of bug here. I have repeated your test, but the second search gives results for everything, as expected.

Notice that there’s no define at the end of the URL.

The search front-end is being re-implemented for the new site, so no doubt there will be plenty of fresh bugs!

Yes, i agree. For the new site our goal is to reach feature-parity with the old site (plus, of course, a bunch of new awesomeness). But we won’t be introducing this feature yet. I would like to see it early on in the roadmap for 2018, though.


No problems. I will wait and see what happens with SCnext. Speaking of which if you need someone to help with testing and debugging for mac (safari, firefox, chrome) or iPhone I might be able to help. I’m pretty sharp on CSS, additionally I have reasonable working knowledge of PHP 5 with hacky level javascript skills. At the moment I would be able to dedicate a couple of hours a week to whatever you might need.

with mettā

Oh well, that’s very helpful, thank you.

The back end is Python 3.5 and ArangoDB, the front end is built with Polymer 2.0 and modern JS. No PHP!

If you’re interested, you can install it from github and run the production environment yourself. It’s in Docker, so it’s pretty easy to get going, although I’m not sure if we’ve run it on Mac. But in principle that shouldn’t be a problem.

In terms of actual development, we’re moving pretty well at the moment, so that shouldn’t be a problem. But it would be nice to have an extra set of eyes on the app, especially someone who is familiar with how the old site works.

Anyway, let me know if you want to install it locally, and we can make sure it works okay. Otherwise, at some point we’ll run a trial on the web; there is a web based mockup, but it is far behind the development branch.

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Dear Bhante,
I had no problems installing docker, but the git is giving me permission denied.

Michelles-Air:~ michelle$ git clone
Cloning into 'next-sc'...
Permission denied (publickey).
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.


Yes, you would need to have an ssh key and permission to edit the files, which I think would be a bit difficult.
You could try this instead:

git clone

But I’m not sure if that will actually work :frowning:

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If Ayya’s suggestion doesn’t work, let us know, and we’ll help you through the permissions process. In principle, I think permissions should only be needed for pushing rights if you want to make changes yourself. But anyway, let’s see what happens.

That step worked. Except the process of installing all this ate my last 5GB of hard drive space before everything decompressed.

I might have to start again tomorrow!

This seems like a lot, but I guess it includes all the backend stuff, the database, search engine, and so on. Anyway hope you can find some emptiness.

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It does seem a lot. The database is 522.6 MB (60.000+ files), but you don’t get to that until you do make load-data. Next-sc itself is no more than 50 MB.

But I guess Docker/Elasticsearch takes some space but I’m not sure how much.

Good luck!