After Buddha's enlightenment did he sit 7 weeks more under the Bodhi tree. (pāli canon)

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I have heard that after the Buddha achieved enlightenment, he sat under the bodhi tree 48 days more (7 weeks).

I can’t find any suttas which is referring to that.

Can someone please tell me where this information can be found?

I’m thankful
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Udana Bodhivagga: SuttaCentral


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In Udāna i only found part of one week, could you please tell me where I could find the other 6 weeks? Or maybe Buddha sat under Awakening tree 7 days?

Hi Thitamedha,

It’s not really clear in the Udāna how long those periods were.

It is also discussed in the Vinaya : SuttaCentral

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Thank you for the help!

I have not checked myself, but Bopearachchi writes here (p. 16) that

The way the Buddha spent the weeks immediately after his Enlightenment varies from one source to the other. For example, according to the Mahāvagga, the second book of the Vinaya-Piṭaka, the Buddha fasted only for four weeks, but the Mahāvastu, the Lalitavistara, the Nidānakathā and the Mahābodhi-Vaṁsa, say that the Blessed One fasted for seven weeks or forty-nine days.