AI content on Discuss and Discover

Hi everyone.

We have a new addition to the FAQs regarding the posting of AI content, please have a read of it.

Q39. Can I add/create a thread or post which contains AI (Artificial Intelligence) content from popular sources such as ChatGPT?

A: AI generated content is not encouraged. However, due to the popularity of free-to-use AI systems such as ChatGPT, we acknowledge that it is inevitable that there will be posts that draw from such sources, so please be aware that:

  • Verbatim AI generated textual content is strongly discouraged. It should not make up the majority of the post or reply.
  • If AI-generated content (textual or other) is posted for discussion, its source must always be acknowledged.
  • Suspected unacknowledged AI text should be flagged, so that it can be considered by the moderators.
  • Any AI-generated content from any source may be considered inappropriate for reasons of quality, accuracy, triviality, or otherwise detracting from the quality of forum discussions.
  • AI-generated translations of EBT (Early Buddhist Text) material are acceptable if sourced and of sufficient quality, or welcomed by expert human translators. Whole-text AI translations must be hosted outside the forum.

If it’s been a while since you’ve read the FAQs, this might be a good opportunity to read them with the new addition of Q39.

Adrian (on behalf of the moderators)


Thanks to those who worked hard on this new policy. I hope it is easy to enforce with the cooperation of the community.