Ajahn Brahm---Rains Retreat Talks---Bodhinyana 1994

Rains retreat talks at Bodhinyana Monastery in 1994

Dhamma talks by Ajahn Brahm during the rains retreat given specifically for monks. Large archive of monastic retreat talks is also maintained and published occasionally here.

The following archive provides a collection of all publicly available talks given by Ajahn Brahm for easy and mobile friendly access (hour and a half long talks usually do not exceed 15 MB of download).

Ajahn Brahm Foundations of Jhana 1/12 54′ 6,09 MB :arrow_down:
Ajahn Brahm Anapanasati Leading to Jhanas 2/12 87′ 9,95 MB :arrow_down:
Ajahn Brahm The necessity of jhana for true insight 3/12 75′ 8,54 MB :arrow_down:
Ajahn Brahm Right understanding-foundation of right practice 4/12 69′ 7,87 MB :arrow_down:
Ajahn Brahm Right thought, right speech, right action 5/12 56′ 6,33 MB :arrow_down:
Ajahn Brahm Mindfulness as a factor of the path (Sati-Sampajanna) 6/12 65′ 7,46 MB :arrow_down:
Ajahn Brahm Restraint of the asavas 7/12 61′ 6,98 MB :arrow_down:
Ajahn Brahm Calming the thinking mind 8/12 49′ 5,62 MB :arrow_down:
Ajahn Brahm Pointing the mind in the right direction 9/12 59′ 6,67 MB :arrow_down:
Ajahn Brahm The fruits of doing the work 10/12 66′ 7,50 MB :arrow_down:
Ajahn Brahm Right desire 11/12 47′ 5,35 MB :arrow_down:
Ajahn Brahm The four right efforts 12/12 67′ 7,58 MB :arrow_down:

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