Ajahn Brahm---Rains Retreat Talks---Bodhinyana 2011

Rains retreat talks at Bodhinyana Monastery in 2011

Dhamma talks by Ajahn Brahm during the rains retreat given specifically for monks. Large archive of monastic retreat talks is also maintained and published occasionally here.

The following archive provides a collection of all publicly available talks given by Ajahn Brahm for easy and mobile friendly access (hour and a half long talks usually do not exceed 15 MB of download).

Ajahn Brahm Right Effort 1/10 56′ 6,41 MB :arrow_down:
Ajahn Brahm Contentment in the Present 2/10 55′ 6,31 MB :arrow_down:
Ajahn Brahm Right Attitude is Beautiful 3/10 54′ 6,18 MB :arrow_down:
Ajahn Brahm A jewel of a teaching 4/10 67′ 7,68 MB :arrow_down:
Ajahn Brahm Recognise familiarise ease 5/10 54′ 6,17 MB :arrow_down:
Ajahn Brahm Take a 5 Indriya Boostie 6/10 48′ 5,44 MB :arrow_down:
Ajahn Brahm Shoot for the Wisdom Eye 7/10 62′ 7,11 MB :arrow_down:
Ajahn Brahm Happy 2B Here 8/10 49′ 5,60 MB :arrow_down:
Ajahn Brahm Lose Your Mind 9/10 60′ 6,83 MB :arrow_down:
Ajahn Brahm A Path With an End 10/10 54′ 6,17 MB :arrow_down:

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