Ajahn Brahmali 9 day sutta retreat June 2022

Here is the Link for Ajahn Brahmalis 9 day Sutta retreat from 2022 at BSWA. It uses the Potthapada sutta DN9 as the basis to explore the entirety of the Noble 8 fold Path, bringing in many suttas from the Pali Canon, to expand the central themes, working through the Path from beginning to the end.

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Looks like their website metadata is a little off…

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Must be a glitch… it’s working fine for me using Chrome.

Would you like me to post the details via youtube? The link above has both the podcasts as well as all of the video links in one place.

Sorry, I meant that it’s a retreat by Ajahn Brahmalli and it’s showing a photo of Ajahn Brahmavamso.

LOL, me pretty dumb re tech :smile: :smile:

Yep someone put up the wrong pic

The BSWA have been using that picture of Ajahn Brahm on all their podcasts, regardless of who the speaker (ordained or lay, male or female) actually is, for a couple of years now. Apparently they don’t find any incongruity in so doing!

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Would that be information about lovingkindness information that is off or information about Mark Zuckerberg’s company that is off?

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