Ajahn Brahmali links to essays in footnotes translation

Dear All,

I have seen that there are “footnotes” on the Ajahn Bramali translsation of the vinaya. Some of them mention “See essay on …”, but do not provide link for such essay. for exemple here, two notes mentions essays:

Final ruling

‘When his robe is finished and the robe season has ended, a monk should keep an extra robe for ten days at the most. If he keeps it longer than that, he commits an offense entailing relinquishment and confession.’” [See essay on cīvara.]

An extra robe:
Atirekacīvaraṁ nāma
it has not been determined nor assigned to another. [See essay on vikappanā.]
anadhiṭṭhitaṁ avikappitaṁ.

I have search on this forum and found on the meaning of sanghati, but I am not sure if it is the same as the essay on civara. And I have not found the other one on Vikappana anywhere yet.

Is there anybody who knows where these essays are ?

Thank you very much,
With Metta


This is a work in progress! I am working with Ven Brahmali currently and we aim to sort these issues out in the next couple of months.


Thank you Bhante @sujato, looking foward for these essays. This is Vinaya class time :wink: