Ajahn Brahmali & Ven. Vimala Retreat in Europe

There are some free spaces on an in-person retreat with Ajahn Brahmali and Ven. Vimala in Belgium!

This meditation and sutta-retreat takes place in the beautiful Ardennes region from 9th - 19th June 2022. The retreat is dedicated to the development of meditation and the study of aspects of the practice. Ajahn Brahmali and Ven. Vimala will focus on the teachings of Dependent Origination (paṭicca-samuppāda ) and Dependent Liberation.

Now that Covid regulations have changed, there is no more requirement for a QR code and everybody is very welcome. It will be lovely to catch up and meditate with people in person once again.

We understand that not everybody can make it so we will also set up a camera during the talks so you can also follow along at home.

More information and registration: Retreat with Ajahn Brahmali and Ven. Vimala – Samita ASBL


I very much regret missing this. That’s what I get for being absent I suppose.

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