Ajahn Brahmavamso's UK tour October 2017




I will be attending this Saturday @ Mary Ward House. I think @jarek will be there as well. My wife is attending the talk today on Ethics in the cybernetics age. I’m also bringing some of Ajhan Brahm books to the weekend retreat. Proceeds are in aid of the Anukampa Project, so please do buy them! @Aminah will be in charge (as usual :wink:).

with metta


:exploding_head:Better run that one passed Ven. Canda. :wink:

So sorry to realise I’ll actually miss you on this occasion (most folk will be safely signed-in on Friday, so I’ll be free to hide in a bunker several miles underground on Saturday).

Also sorry to realise I most likely greeted your wife this evening without realising it! Still, she came for better things than my quirky hello, and Ajahn gave a lovely talk. For those coming on other nights, be warned, he has a new joke about pasta!


:neutral_face: :no_mouth: :crazy_face:

:spaghetti: :spaghetti: :spaghetti:

:rofl: :grin: