Ajahn Brahm's "The Art Of Disappearing" UK Tour

From the announcement:
This year we have a selection of talks, in London, Oxford, Birmingham, Stroud, and Bristol. We had also planned for a residential retreat but sadly the retreat venue announced plans to close just two weeks before our retreat dates! Because of this, we are having an 8-day online retreat instead . We will use Zoom, a platform on which we have successfully conducted retreats before and received fantastic feedback. A positive aspect of this change is that extra places are now available , which means even more people can have access to our much loved and trusted meditation master, revered for his humour, wisdom, compassion and peace.

Please see the website for more information: https://anukampaproject.org/events/



I will be disappeared from that. Other side of the planet. :slight_smile:

I am grateful that he made the trip to California a few years ago. I was able to see him by flying out from the west cost.

A wonderful time.

I hope he comes to my side of the planet again, though I would be happy if he did not as it must be quite a strain.

Cheshire is north of Birmingham, so AB has a bit further to go yet:

“One distinguishing feature of the Alice -style Cheshire Cat involves a periodic gradual disappearance of its body, leaving only one last visible trace: its iconic grin.”—Wikipedia

Thank you for sharing this information!