Ajahn Brahm's Translation of "The Word of the Buddha", based on Nyanatiloka Mahāthera’s booklet, which was updated by Bhikkhu Bodhi

I thought Ayya Vimala’s comment elsewhere deserved its own topic. :slight_smile:

The videos can be found here.

EDIT: Please note this is not the final version. See Lxndr’s comment below for a more recent addition. Thank you @LXNDR :slight_smile:


Is this the same text as the one Ajahn Brahm reads from in the videos?

For example, the third paragraph on page 5 is read differently by Ajahn Brahm in the video than the text.

But I see further down in the document there are several changes that appear to be Ajahn Brahm’s.

Is this the final edition? Either way, thank you very much for posting this! :grin:


Hi Erik

Sorry, I don’t know if this is the final edition. Perhaps Ayya @Vimala will know?


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I’m afraid I don’t know. This is the version I downloaded from the BSWA several years ago but it might have changed since them. But the BSWA have changed their site and I can no longer find it there. You can find all the teachings there:


If they were downloaded several years ago, then Ajahn Brahm will have worked on them in the meantime. I understand that they are soon to be published, and this is likely to be the reason why the latest version is not publicly available.


here’s a PDF of BSWA dated by Jan 7th of this year, could be a more recent version, but doesn’t seem to be publicly shared



noticed at https://deeperdhamma.podbean.com/e/word-of-the-buddha-part-3-ajahn-brahm/

if anyone with authority objects to the publication of the link, it will be removed


If it is available online, there should be no problem with sharing it.


Hi @LXNDR, thanks for sharing it. I wasn’t finding the new translation. It is better to follow the teaching with the text to read, specially since I am not a native English speaker. So, thank you once again! :slight_smile:

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I understand that they are soon to be published, and this is likely to be the reason why the latest version is not publicly available.

Is this still the case?

I’ve started converting the PDF in this thread to epub. If this PDF or a later version is going to be published soon - then I probably shouldn’t (because of copyright, because it would be outdated, because there may be an epub version already or in-the-works).

I believe so. Of course, “soon” is a rather flexible term. It could easily be a couple of years down the track.

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Checking in here to see if Ajahn Brahm’s translation has been published yet?

Hi fncll

I’m just going to tag Ajahn @Brahmali here as he’s most likely to know.


I am afraid it is still not published. And the date is as uncertain as ever. Sorry.


Hello :slight_smile:
The link from @LXNDR has stopped working, it says that the file is in trash bin of the owner. But fortunately I downloaded it, so here it is again :slight_smile:


Does anyone know if this remains the latest version of Ajahn Brahm’s translation please?


Perhaps Ajahn @Brahmali may know.

As far as I’m aware, the latest version is the subject of the latest Dhamma classes that are presented through the Nollamara sutta classes in Perth. However, these are in a hiatus due to Co-vid. I believe Ajahn Brahm was looking for a publisher for this latest revised version, but am not aware if this has progressed. I believe that in the lead up to securing a publisher, he did not want to publish a printed format.


If anyone is interested, the videos of Ajahn Brahm reading and explaining the book are here:

I also think it’s best to first watch the videos, as they contain a lot of additional explanations and examples not contained in the book itself, kind of ‘colloquial’ and funny that you couldn’t put in a book :slight_smile: but which give you a lot of the understanding. And the book can serve more as a reference point, to go back to some topic and re-study it.

Edit: maybe I’ll just add that if someone is afraid of using an unfinished book, there is always the original, e.g. here: https://www.urbandharma.org/pdf/wordofbuddha.pdf :slight_smile:


Quite right. The version posted above by @MarcinSilesia is unlikely to be the latest, but then the latest version will not be made publicly available. I’ve specifically asked Ajahn Brahm about this. Publication date is still uncertain. From what I’ve heard, it is likely to take another year or two.


Another year or two? How many years so far? Shall we ask him if perhaps he is being a bit too fault-finding in going over the nth draft? Really, I am just being cheeky :wink: because I’m super keen to see it myself [and he did once tell me to ‘leave it alone’ when I was editing something that still had a few mistakes in it, more specifically, he told me to leave the mistakes in there “so the readers could notice their fault-finding minds!”]


The version I have from a 2018 retreat is 68 pages. We were asked not to share this one online, as it’s “a work in progress”. The 62-page version posted by @MarcinSilesia is probably similar. My first thought was that the longer version must be more recent, but on reflection, maybe less is more! Who knows?

I love the updates in this thread! I also like my heavily thumbed printed version which is covered in scribbled notes. But I’m very much looking forward to seeing a version in book form.