Ajahn Sujato - The Suttas - Encounters with the Buddha's Words Course @ Buddhist Library Sydney 2019 - Live stream & Discussion

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Hi all,

Bhante’s course at the Buddhist Library when happening will be live at:

If you want to ask any questions based on what’s discussed or earlier sections of the course (available at you can do so here!



Both parts should be online by tomorrow morning at the original thread at:
(Bhante Sujato — Encounters With The Buddha's Words — 2019 Buddhist Library Sydney)

This will be merged with that thread too so please ask questions there if you feel so inclined! :slight_smile:


Hi @michaelh, Thanks for putting these talks up. Are you planning to have audio versions available for the latest lecture?



Audio files are right at the bottom of this post.


Yes, I know, but not the audio files for the third lecture… Yet…
I really appreciated having the audio files for the other lectures, I generally prefer it to video…



Parts 5 and 6 have been uploaded at the original post: Bhante Sujato — Encounters With The Buddha’s Words — 2019 Buddhist Library Sydney!

The next live stream will be at

I’ve made the audio easier to see too @mikenz66 , thanks for the feedback! Apologies for the delay, some edit and network maras seemed to appear out of nowhere.

Thanks @mikenz66 , @Gillian and all! :slight_smile:


:sweat_smile: Hee hee… now I finally know who does all these things! :darth_vader:


All these devas and maras…!


Do Brahmas get involved too… :smile:


This is streaming again now :slight_smile: