Ajhan Mun and others

I am writing an article on Ajhan Mun and him being visited by the Buddhas of the past. (no I am not believing this).

I don’t want to debate this issue and want to discuss this. Either you believe or not.

I am looking for references, pdf links and page numbers to other teachers who also speak of this stuff.

I am also looking to know more about this “citta” 6th khanda that The Buddha never spoke about. I would like to also know about teachers who have written books on this (pdf links and page numbers) I don’t want to read anything with this content and to go straight to the page.

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Are you looking specifically for Buddhist teachers having contact with past Buddhas or are you interested more generally on references to people having contact with non-physical beings. I ask this because there is some good material on research done during meditative states provided by Thomas Campbell - a retired physicist.

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There are some Dipa Ma references, probably more than I can locate. The followings are from:
Amy Schmidt - Dipa Ma. The Life and Legacy of a Buddhist Master

Chapter 2 (at this time she hasn’t started practicing yet, so maybe less interesting to you)

At this lowest point in her life, the Buddha appeared to her in a dream. A luminous presence, he softly chanted a verse from the Dhammapada, originally offered as consolation to a father grieving the death of his son:
Clinging to what is dear brings sorrow, / Clinging to what is dear brings fear.
To one who is entirely free from endearment, / There is no sorrow or fear.

Chapter 9

Dipa Ma said she could go back to the time of the Buddha and listen to his sermons. When I asked her how she did this, she smiled and said, “I went back mind-moment by mind-moment.” I must have looked stunned, because she smiled and said, “Oh, you don’t have to do that for Nibbana [enlightenment] to happen.” Then she laughed and added, “It was really fun. It just takes a lot of concentration.” The look in her eyes when she said this—she looked so free, so pure.
Michele McDonald

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These references are valid since, dream is just dream. Going back in time, if she was there is possible.

Ajhan Mun claims to have seen the Buddhas of the past with them congratulating him on his attainments (total fiction I say). I am looking for more fictional accounts of “masters” who claim to see the Buddha in their present life.

Is the mind-moment related to the method described in the Visudhimagga on how to recollect past lives and events ?

The passage is not that specific, but taking into account that her teacher was Munindra, who in turn was a disciple of Mahasi it makes sense to assume that her practice was strongly inspired by Abhidhamma and the Vism.

If she was also able to actually see the Buddha give sermons and had said a few bits about the appearance of the Wheel Turning Tathāgata, that would have been something. :slight_smile:

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I was wondering about that too :slight_smile: To have a time-traveller and then just get the information “yep, he gave sermons” is such a tease!


This is how one practices past life regression. It is taught in Pa-Auk.
As far as sources go, I have decided to just leave it to Ajhahn Mun’s Biography. I have written an article already on how a Buddha does not exist in Nibbana. It is on my blog, which you can find on my profile. (not to spam this group).


just wanted to say good to see you on here.

Also I wanted to clarify something if you know. Is is true that Ajahn Mun said this and multiple people confirm, or is this something only Ajahn Mahaboowa reports in his … “biography”.

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I discuss this in my article about the “theory” that it is just the writing of aj. Mahaboowa. But I really don’t think this would be it and express this too. I do mention this as one theory though. I also mention the idea of lucid dreams. obe4u.com attacks religious experiences and rightly so … as obe… . or false awakenings. grouped into near death experiences and alien abductions. http://obe4u.com/god-christianity-bible/

My article pre-article is at the top of subhuti.withmetta.net