Ajjhupekkhati vs. upekkhati

Is there any relevant difference between ajjhupekkhati and upekkhati?

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I’m very interested to know the nuances of this myself, as I’m not sure how upekkha in 3rd and 4th jhana functions exactly. Presumably the same as upekkha-bodhi-anga (awakening factor). And then, how does that differ from upekkha as a brahmavihara?

The typical explantion of “looking on equanimously” doesn’t quite give a complete picture I suspect.

PTS has:

upekkhati = upa + ikkhati
ajjhupekkhati = adhi + upa + ikkhati

Ikkhati [fr. īkṣ] to look J v.153; ThA 147; DhsA 172.

Upekkhati [upa + īkṣ] to look on, to be disinterested or indifferent Sn 911; Nd1 328; J vi.294.

Ajjhupekkhati [adhi + upa + ikṣ; cp. BSk. adhyupekṣati] 1. to look on A i.257; Miln 275.

  1. to look on intently or with care, to oversee, to take care of A iv.45 (kaṭṭhɔaggi, has to be looked after); PvA 149 (sisaŋ colaŋ vā).

  2. to look on indifferently to be indifferent to neglect Vin ii.78 = iii.162, cp. J i.147; M i.155 ii.223; A iii.194, 435; J v.229; DhA iv.125.

Yes, the same.

See: https://dhammawheel.com/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=5939

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