Alexander Wynne's Buddhacloud App

Continuing the discussion from Who was the Buddha?:

Today I learned that Prof. Alexander Wynne is working on a very cool new project: the Buddhacloud app.


From their About page:

What is Buddhacloud?

Although we now have access to more knowledge than ever before, wisdom is in short supply. Modern education prepares us to function in the world; science helps us live longer, healthier lives. But none of this helps with the fundamental human problems: fear, loss, suffering and so on.

To lead meaningful lives requires wisdom and self-understanding. But where can we find this? The Buddhacloud app opens up a new path to one ancient source of wisdom: the teachings of the Buddha.

From their FAQ:

Buddhacloud is an iOS, Android and web app. It contains hundreds of early Buddhist teachings, drawn from ancient sources, and guided meditations based on them.

It sounds like such a cool project! But what I am really curious about is if SuttaCentral, with its outstanding and easy-to-understand translations of early Buddhist texts, could collaborate with Buddhacloud!! :pray: That way SuttaCentral would be available to a wider audience while Buddhacloud would have some of the best and most extensive translations of early Buddhist texts! :smiley: :dharmawheel:

Bhante @sujato, what do you think?


:heart: The more apps the better! :man_cartwheeling:


Wow, it’s a beautiful design, definitely one to keep an eye on.

I don’t know what sources Prof Wynne is using for texts, but of course he is most welcome to use ours.



This sounds like an awesome idea!!
I am curious to see if such collaboration would be possible too.


From the terms it seems they plan to charge a subscription


Thanks Ven, I missed that. That’s unfortunate (if understandable). Then again, for people who have renounced money, or who prefer free apps, there’s the SuttaCentral app, with many more teachings.


Mara always wins! :japanese_ogre:
Greed finds a way! :smiling_imp:


I guess Mara could be defeated with a sufficiently large donation to Buddhacloud… (making it unnecessary for them to charge a subscription fee) :lightsaber:


Good catch.

Yes : )

Hehe, he lost to the Buddha though…
Mara is also a being subject to the law of kamma/Dhamma…it’s only a matter of time before the results of his deeds catches up to him.

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