Almost but not quite with ChatGPT translations

Out of curiosity several Pāli phrases were submitted to ChatGPT for translation. As can be seen from the responses, some are a bit off target – though still rather impressive as an information access tool and possibly useful if someone is looking for a quick +/- translation.

Here are some examples:

Q: What does “Anamataggoyaṁ, bhikkhave, saṁsāro. Pubbā koṭi na paññāyati avijjānīvaraṇānaṁ sattānaṁ taṇhāsaṁyojanānaṁ sandhāvataṁ saṁsarataṁ” mean?
A: “O monks, the round of rebirth is without discoverable beginning. In the beginning, beings bound by ignorance and craving wander and transmigrate.”

There’s an inaccuracy here, in bold, vs “A first point cannot be discerned” or " No first point is found".

Q: What does "“Dukkhameva uppajjamānaṁ uppajjati, dukkhaṁ nirujjhamānaṁ nirujjhatī” mean?
A: "“Suffering arises from the arising of suffering, and suffering ceases from the cessation of suffering.”

Q: What does "Yad aniccaṁ taṁ dukkhaṁ" mean?
A: “That which is impermanent is suffering.”

Will stick with the humans for now. :slightly_smiling_face: